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Eye & Vision Exams

It's amazing how much we can learn during a simple annual eye exam. Our years of experience and advanced training make our vision exams seem simple, but they are essential to maintaining the eye health of our patients. At Cascade Eyecare in Bend, OR, we make eye exams a routine part of our patients' lives. Let’s look at some of the things you can expect during your first eye exam.


1. Checking Your Visual Acuity (the eye chart)

This is a great starting point for vision tests, as it measures your current vision quality. We make note of the smallest letters you can identify, without guessing, on the chart.

2. Examining Your Retina

This is where the magic of the eye happens, as the "rods" and "cones" of the retina turn light into messages for your brain. There's a bit of bright light as we check the health of your retina as well as the optic nerve that carries the visual information to the brain.

3. Performing a Refraction Test

It will seem like you're making a lot of "A or B" choices between lenses as you help us determine the appropriate prescription for your eyes. From these results, we can prescribe single-vision glasses, bifocals, contact lenses, and more.

4. Checking Your Corneas

The cornea is where your eye meets the world. It can get scratched, infected, or otherwise require care and attention. We will make sure it's in overall good shape by examining it with a high-magnification lens.

5. Checking Your Visual Field & Peripheral Vision

We will check your visual field looking for areas that may appear blurry or not as sharp as normal. 

6. Measuring the Pressure Inside Your Eye

This test is worth the visit for many patients because it detects conditions like glaucoma that silently and painlessly rob people of their sight. If this quick test identifies an excess in internal eye pressure, we can act quickly. Often, simple eye drops can be used to reduce the pressure and make sure that your eye isn't damaged over time. 

Make Us Part of Your Healthcare Routine

Annual eye exams help our optometrist, Dr. Steckman, to detect serious eye conditions before they have a chance to become something more serious. The exams also allow us to monitor the constantly changing condition of your eyes and to make adjustments to your prescription as needed. Has it been a while since your last eye exam? Call Cascade Eyecare today at 541-382-2020 to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.