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Thank you for choosing Cascade Eyecare for your eye health and vision care needs. We strive to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible. To request an appointment, please fill out the following form. Please note that availability will vary depending on the time that you request. A member of our staff will contact you by phone to confirm your appointment.

As a courtesy, we contact the patient's  insurance company to get an estimate of  benefits. These quotes are not a guarantee of payment. Payment of any co-pay, deductible not met, and  charges for non-covered services are expected at the time of service. Any fees not paid by the insurance company are the patient's responsibility.  The patient is responsible for obtaining a properly dated referral/authorization if required by your insurer. The patient are responsible for payment if the claim is rejected due to lack of proper referral or other circumstances indicated by the insurer.

Existing patients do not need to complete the insurance information unless it has changed since the last visit.