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Pediatric Eye Exam

Vision care is important for people of all ages, but particularly children, as their eyes are still developing. Pediatric eye care from our optometrist in Bend, OR, will ensure your child’s vision is the best it can be from infancy through his teen years. At Cascade Eyecare, your children benefit from the services of a qualified pediatric eye doctor to protect and preserve their sight. Here’s what you can expect from our pediatric eye care exams.


Infant Eye Exam

We recommend children get their first eye exam around 6 months of age. Our pediatric eye doctor will check your baby’s eyes for signs of irregularities such as amblyopia, aka lazy eye, or crossed eyes. We’ll check for proper eye movement, eye focus and teaming and see how your baby responds to changes in darkness and light.

Preschool Eye Exam

For preschoolers ages 3-5 years old, our family eye doctor will examine your child’s eye health and perform vision screening or visual acuity tests to verify the clarity of his sight. We may use eye charts or ask your child to identify pictures on the wall or play the tumbling E game to determine how clearly your child can see. If your child shows signs of poor visual clarity, we’ll write him a prescription for eyeglasses to improve his sight. Many children suffer from lazy eye in their formative years. This eye condition is often reversible if caught and treated early to prevent vision problems later on.

School Age Children/Teen Eye Exam

Children with good vision may only need an eye exam every two years. If your child or teen has vision problems, however, we recommend he receives an annual eye exam. These exams can be scheduled at the start of the school year. An annual eye exam will detect problems with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism that are impacting your child’s sight. These problems can be corrected through the use of prescription eyeglasses or contacts.  

Children and teens need quality vision to perform well in school. Vision is used extensively in a child’s academic studies. If your child plays sports, good vision can protect him against accidents on the sports field. Routine vision care will enable our optometrist in Bend, OR to monitor your child’s vision over the years so he can get the help he needs to enjoy optimal sight.

See Our Bend, OR Pediatric Eye Doctor for Pediatric Eye Care

Vision is a priceless gift that should be cultivated with care. At Cascade Eyecare in Bend, OR, we offer quality eye care services for your entire family. To schedule an eye exam for your child or teen, contact our family eye doctor at 541-382-2020.