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Family Eye Care at Cascade Eyecare

Good vision is essential at every stage of life to maximize abilities, enjoy recreational activities, and interact effectively with others. Vision care is continuously changing as individuals move from childhood to adulthood and changes rapidly in seniors. Our family eye care provides good vision at every age here at Cascade Eyecare in Bend, OR. Our team is committed to providing the eye care you need at any stage of your life.  


Pediatrics Eye Care

Proper vision care is necessary even for very young children. An eye exam by our qualified optometrist can detect problems with refractive errors that blur vision and muscle deficiencies that can impair normal tracking. Eyeglasses or vision therapy can help to correct vision deficits so that children can see clearly. Vision care in the early years can help children perform better academically and help them in normal social adjustment. If a vision problem is discovered, treatment can begin to correct the issue. Our optometrist can also provide referrals to eye specialists when needed.

Eye Care During the Adult Years

Adults often have special requirements for their vision. We often see patients suffering from vision-related issues caused by excessive screen time at work. It’s important to take the necessary precautions when spending long hours staring at a screen. Vision may worsen over time, and eye prescription changes. Our eye doctor can also help with dry eye problems or can offer specialized lenses for work tasks and recreational activities. Regular exams can ensure your vision is functioning optimally and that your eyes stay healthy.

Senior Eye Care

After the age of 60, vision care becomes even more critical. Aging can cause changes in the eye structure that can lead to loss of vision. Regular eye exams can detect eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy that can rob individuals of their vision. Early detection can often stop the progression of eye diseases, so seniors can continue to enjoy clear vision for their activities. Detection and management of eye diseases can help to preserve vision.

Make Cascade Eyecare Your Optometrist in Bend, OR

Dr. Steckman uses his extensive training in optometry and years of experience to help patients in Bend and nearby communities maintain quality vision at any stage of life. We offer various eye care services, including exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, vision therapy, pre and post-LASIK consultation, and more. Call Cascade Eyecare today at 541-382-2020 for an appointment or to learn how family eye care can protect your family’s vision throughout life.